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MVA Rehabilitation & Car Accident Therapy in Toronto

Car accidents can wreak havoc on your life in several ways. If you’ve been injured in an MVA (motor vehicle accident), you will likely need car accident therapy in Toronto. Global Health Physiotherapy Clinic provides vehicular accident treatment to accelerate recovery time and restore functional mobility.

In many cases, the physical trauma from an MVA could manifest itself several weeks after the event. No matter how minimal you think the damage to your body is, it’s important to be thoroughly examined by a doctor immediately after a motor vehicle accident.

Your muscles, tendons and ligaments will heal faster and become stronger through physical therapy treatment sessions after a car accident. You can also reduce the pain you feel and the severity of the symptoms the sooner you get started. Call us today to book your assessment.

car accident therapy after an accident

Common injuries and symptoms from car accidents


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries due to the sudden impact. Involves the stiffness of neck and upper back muscles and ligaments.


Headaches are another common symptom that can be caused by whiplash and/or blunt force trauma.

Back Pain

Back pain can occur in the upper, middle or lower back and is a very common symptom from injuries that require car accident therapy.

Shoulder injuries

Many people experience shoulder injuries, especially rotator cuff problems because of the seat belt position around the body.

Knee and hip injuries

This can occur from any number of situations but mostly happens from impacting the dashboard in front or sustained from a side impact where the door is pushed in.

Decreased range of motion

The range of motion you have after a car accident can be impacted severely by stiffness in muscles, tendons and ligaments (soft tissue) as well as fractures.

Vertigo (dizziness)

It isn’t uncommon for patients to experience dizziness from injuries associated with the inner ear or complications with the muscles in the neck.

Neurological injuries

Car accidents can often cause neurological injuries, which are any conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

The benefits of vehicular accident treatment

Physiotherapy treatment after a car accident reduces pain and gets your body on the road to recovery. We treat both neurological and orthopedic conditions early after your accident to ensure you get back to work, school and are involved in the sports and activities you love.

Car accident physical therapy stops the damage from increasing

Everything in your musculoskeletal system is connected. The sooner you address problems that have developed because of an MVA, the better. Many issues that are left untreated can worsen and develop into larger problems than when they started. An injury that goes unattended can cause you to compensate with improper motions, which can lead to additional musculoskeletal problems later on in life.

Restores your strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance

Your recovery program is designed to restore the previous function your body has before the accident and better. We have a team of some of the best physiotherapists in Toronto. When you want the best opportunity at a total recovery, call us for physical therapy after a car accident.

Who pays for physical therapy after a car accident?

In Ontario, motor vehicle insurance policies cover the cost of physiotherapy after a car accident. If you have a third-party insurance or employee benefits plan, they may be required to pay a certain portion of your physiotherapy bills before the auto insurance company picks up the rest.

In either case, we have dealt with numerous cases and can help you sort out the billing with ease. You won’t need to worry about paying an invoice once we have you all set up. We provide direct billing and WSIB physiotherapy services to your insurance companies so you don’t need to worry yourself with the additional stress.

Do I need to speak to my insurance company?

Yes. Initially, you will need to contact your insurance company to open a claim. We will use that claim number to handle your billing.

For the sake of getting the care you need on time, ask your insurance company to open a claim for you even if they need to get reimbursed by the company of the driver at fault. 

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