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In-Home Physiotherapy East Toronto

At Global Health Physiotherapy Clinic, we take our patients' recovery extremely seriously. While all of our physiotherapists have in-clinic hours, we make time for the patients who require the best in-home physiotherapy Toronto offers.


Our physiotherapists are the same individuals you will see at our clinic. This is important to note because our staff consists of highly reviewed physiotherapists, which we would not compromise for any reason. We maintain the same quality of care that you would receive as if you were right here in our clinic.

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At-home physical therapy treatment

Due to the nature of the conditions that require in-home physical therapy, we reserve our specialists who are able to assist you best. A member of our staff will visit your home and provide you with a custom-designed, at-home physiotherapy program.


The physical therapist comes fully stocked with the equipment and modalities that are needed to give you a complete physiotherapy session. This includes but is not limited to electrical therapy, STEM, ultrasound, shockwave therapy and other manual therapy techniques.


We set up the equipment from our clinic in your home environment for complete integration of your physical therapy treatment at home. This serves our patients’ needs who can’t make it into the clinic. This also provides first-hand experience for the therapist to make sure your at-home exercise plan (performed on your own) is as effective as can be.

How long is each session?

At-home physical therapy sessions are one hour in duration. This ensures that our patients get the most out of every session. We’ve found that anything shorter undermines the effectiveness of the home care visit.

What areas do you serve?

We don’t outsource any help when it comes to who represents the Global Health Physiotherapy Clinic; therefore we limit our in-home physiotherapy to Toronto. Our facility is located on 545 Eglinton Ave East, on the corner of Bayview Ave and just minutes walking distance from Yonge St.


When a patient requests a physiotherapist for home care, we make sure that your home is in an area of Toronto that they can commit to regularly. While we can accept most requests within an acceptable radius of our clinic, some patients may not be accessible for us. Call us to confirm availability and we’ll do everything we can to provide you with the care you need.

What are the benefits of choosing us as your provider?

Our clinic offers a wide range of physiotherapy treatments that cover virtually every treatable condition. We have a team of experienced physiotherapists to help you through your recovery and facility to assist you as supplemental support. Here are few other highlights of what we have to offer:

The most 5-Star reviews in Toronto

Global Health Physiotherapy Clinic is one of the most highly reviewed physiotherapy clinics in Toronto. We have hundreds of 5-Star reviews and a long list of happy patients. We have worked hard for our reputation for quality care and we’re committed to maintaining that level of quality with every new patient.

Fully equipped state of the art facility in mid-town Toronto

It’s reassuring to know that should you ever decide to come into the clinic instead of home care, then that option exists. We are not a middleman business that brokers physiotherapists. We run a real, brick and mortar business with regular physiotherapists that maintain their hours in the clinic.

We handle your WSIB claims

If you’re looking for WSIB physiotherapy near you, then look no further. We’ve treated hundreds of patients that get approved for WSIB claims from work-related injuries.


If you’ve ever had to do the paperwork for a WSIB claim you would know how much of a pain that can be. Once you’re approved we handle everything so you don’t have to. We submit the appropriate forms and bill the WSIB directly. All you need to do is recover from your injury!

We offer direct billing

It may not seem like a big deal but our direct billing system gives you one less thing to worry about. The invoices get billed directly to your insurance provider. You never have to pay an invoice and wait to be reimbursed-we do the waiting for you.

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