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Custom Orthotics Toronto

Most people are on their feet every day of their life. The slightest imbalance in the way you walk or the way your feet are positioned can cause serious problems. If you are suffering from chronic pain that stems from how you walk stand or run, you need the best custom orthotics Toronto offers. Don't settle for any place that comes up when you search for custom orthotics near me.

We guarantee you'll save money (save over $200+) and get professional medical advice.

At Global Health Physiotherapy Clinic, we work with our patients to achieve a healthier, happier pain-free lifestyle. If you’re experiencing pain in your feet, legs, or back you may be a candidate for custom fit insoles to eliminate chronic pain.

Get custom insoles designed by a medical professional to treat specific conditions 

You will need to undergo a full orthopedic, neurological, joint, and muscular physical assessment to determine the source of the problem that’s causing you pain.


The next step is to carefully explain to you what the issue is and how we can solve it. Our motivation is to get you moving on your feet with the confidence in knowing your pain-filled days are over!

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Price of custom orthotics

How much are orthotics custom made with 3d casting?

The most popular type of custom orthotics ranges from $500 to $700. These are designed and manufactured from a 3d cast of your feet with the correct assessment/adjustments from your physiotherapist.

We offer the best orthotics in Toronto starting at $399.

What are custom-made orthotics?

A custom orthotic is not an over-the-counter insert you can buy from any store. They are prescribed medical devices that are custom-fit to your feet to correct biomechanical imbalances. These insoles are designed to meet your foot's individual needs.


Many people with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and even diabetes can benefit from custom orthotics in North York Toronto.

Custom orthotics help reduce pain caused by various foot conditions, as well as correct issues with gait, balance, and a loss in joint motion.


Comparatively, over-the-counter insoles may only treat one issue, if any, while custom orthotics can treat and reduce the symptoms of a variety of conditions. And since custom orthotic insoles can move between shoes, you can have the same comfort and support you need regardless of what shoes you wear. 

What are custom-made orthotics?

How do I know I need custom-made inserts?

The first indication of whether you need custom-made orthotics is if you’re experiencing chronic pain in your feet, legs, lower back or ankles. These symptoms can become more and more painful due to biomechanical issues with how your feet, ankles and legs function.

You may also benefit from custom orthotics if you are on your feet frequently or an athlete or competitive sports player. Since custom orthotics help distribute and absorb shock, they are a great treatment and preventative option for athletes of all sports. 


The same applies to workers who are on their feet for long periods of time. Our feet take all the brunt of walking, running, and standing, which is why they are so important to protect and support and custom orthotic insoles do that job beautifully.

Do I need custom inserts?
do i need custom foot inserts

To determine whether a custom orthotic is necessary, you need to make an appointment for a full analysis and assessment of how you walk, stand and run. It is impossible to accurately determine the source of your problem without the help of a medical professional.

Keep in mind that over-the-counter inserts are used for comfort. Inserts (like Dr. Scholls) may not accurately address your issue and could make it worse. To get the help you need, you need to make an appointment to have your feet assessed along with the way you walk and stand.

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How do I get the best custom orthotics in North York?

The process is simple:

  1. Make an appointment.

  2. Complete your assessment.

  3. Identify your need.

  4. Cast a mold of your feet.

  5. Wait for your orthotics to be made and delivered.

You have to start the process by finding the source of your problem. At Global Health Physiotherapy, we use Gait Scan technology to assist in your analysis. Our midtown clinic is perfect for Leaside residents in Toronto as we are located between Yonge and Bayview on Eglinton Ave.



To begin manufacturing custom orthotics, we will first take a thorough assessment of your health history, and the medications you may be on. We'll also take a look at two or three pairs of shoes you often wear.


This step in the assessment process helps us determine the likelihood of genetic conditions and clues us in on how your body is compensating for pain and ailments within your feet. In the next part of the assessment process, we will assess your gait, balance, and the range of motion you have in your joints.


We check the range of motion in the joints of your feet, ankles, and lower extremities to see if your range of motion has been compromised at all. The assessment process also unveils abnormalities in your foot structure that may be causing your pain, as well as how your body compensates for these issues.


We look into the range of motion you have when you bear weight and when your legs and feet are completely relaxed. This thorough assessment tells us which part(s) of your feet need special care and support. With that answered, we can then craft the perfect custom orthotic insert for your unique needs.

Our process

What is Gait Scan technology?

Gait Scan provides cutting-edge software for analyzing all aspects of a person’s feet. The software allows us to assess walking patterns by printing out colour graphs that indicate weight distribution while standing and walking. This information can be used to determine the areas of your foot that require support throughout the full range of motions.

What is GaitScan?


Custom orthotics are prescribed by your physiotherapist, doctor, chiropodist, or podiatrist. With a prescription from one of these licensed health professionals, the manufacturing of your custom orthotics can begin. At Global Health Physiotherapy, we prescribe custom insoles pending your assessment.

Custom Manufacture

The custom process of custom orthotic manufacturing ensures that you are getting an orthotic insert that is specifically designed for your feet and their various conditions. Insoles that are not custom, as you'd see in a store, don't have the benefit of being designed for a specific and personal purpose, thus making them less effective. 

To begin the manufacturing process of your orthotics, we first cast a mould of your feet. The cast is taken from a non-weight-bearing position to give us the best image of your foot. We'll use one of these methods to create the mould: plaster of Paris moulding, computer imaging, wax STS slippers, or a foam box that captures a perfect mould of your foot.


With this mould, we can then craft the orthotic to meet your unique needs. The materials we'll use for the insoles are also determined at this step; depending on what condition(s) your feet may be suffering from, we may use a softer material or one that is more supportive and rigid. The orthotic insole you will receive is custom from start to finish, all to give you the most comfort and the quickest healing. 

Gait Scan Technology

Fitting and Follow Up Sessions

Once the insoles have been manufactured, we will ensure that they fit properly and conform to our specifications. To get a great fit, we may adjust the edges of your insoles if needed. Our goal is to fit your insoles into the shoes you wear most and to ensure that the custom orthotics are working as prescribed and designed.


In your follow-up appointments, we will address any discomfort you have from your insoles, pain that is new or unabating, and any issues you have with the fit of your insoles. These appointments will continue until your custom orthotic insoles fit, cushion, and support as designed. Your happiness and comfort are our priority, which is why we continue servicing your insoles until you are completely satisfied with the fit, as are we. 

custom orthotics toronto

Conditions treated with custom made foot orthotics

It’s important to note that not all patients will experience the same results from the conditions. Each person must complete an exam to determine whether custom orthotics are suitable to treat the following conditions:

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia begins to tear and deteriorate faster than the body can heal it, leading to sharp pain that is normally felt in the heel. Plantar fasciitis can occur as a result of injuries, strain, or other foot conditions, like high or low arches.


Custom orthotics help treat the issues that can lead to plantar fasciitis, as well as offer greater cushioning and support to the heel and fascia themselves. With the plantar fascia supported, the strain that causes repeated microtears in the fascia is alleviated, and healing can begin. 


Bunions are bony protrusions caused by a misalignment in the joint of the big toe. These protrusions can become inflamed and painful, but custom orthotics can help relieve this pain. While custom orthotics cannot replace surgical removal of bunions, they can stop their growth and prevent your discomfort and pain from worsening.


Custom orthotics correct the misalignment in the joint of the big toe, which helps reduce pain and lower inflammation. Space allowances can also be made for the bunion in the insole itself, which can be a major benefit to those whose mobility is impaired by bunions. 


Metatarsalgia occurs when the metatarsals in the balls of the feet become inflamed and irritated, usually as a result of repeated shock or from tight-fitting shoes, like high heels. Runners and athletes commonly suffer from metatarsalgia due to the repeated force on the balls of their feet.


Custom orthotics offer extra support and cushioning in the balls of your feet, which alleviates the pressure on the metatarsal heads and the nerves and pressure points within them. Custom foot inserts can also put your feet in a position to take better advantage of the natural cushioning in the balls of your feet, as a misaligned gait can displace the foot's intended support.


In any case, custom orthotics provide the extra support and cushioning to redistribute pressure from the balls of your feet, which promotes healing and reduces pain in the area. 


Bursitis is the inflammation of bursa sacs, found between bones to help cushion joints. Bursitis in the feet is often caused by strain or repeated pressure on the joints within your feet. Improper gait or other poor biomechanics can lead to bursitis, as the joints in your feet aren't designed to stand up to constant pressure or strain.


Custom orthotics relieve this strain and pressure by correcting poor biomechanics. Correcting such issues also helps prevent them from reoccurring, and reduces and prevents further inflammation and pain in the area. 


Pain throughout the body

Your feet are what make contact with the ground first, which makes them wholly responsible for distributing shock, weight, and finding balance. If any one of these areas is off or misaligned, the painful effects can travel throughout your body. 


For example, an improper gait can lead to knee pain, hip misalignments, and pain in the spine and neck. Headaches are often connected to poor posture, which is directly related to how our feet distribute force and keep us balanced. Custom orthotics correct a number of bodily ailments and misalignments-not just ones related to feet. 


You may be surprised to learn just how many knee, hip, spine, and neck conditions are directly related to issues with your feet. Low or high arches can be a causing factor, as well as a lack of heel support and over-pronation of the feet. Fortunately, custom orthotics can treat many of these conditions. 

Conditons treated

Call for an assessment if you're experiencing any of the following:

Why choose us?


We are dedicated to crafting the perfect custom insoles for you in a quick and efficient manner. Your satisfaction and comfort take top priority in our custom orthotic process, from your beginning assessment to the last follow-up appointment you have with us. 


We also offer support and insight throughout the process, ensuring each step is aligned with your needs and specifications. Our assessments and treatments are proven accurate and reliable, with a vast majority of our custom orthotic patients enjoying a reduction of pain and greater mobility.



Custom orthotics are for anyone who wants relief from painful foot conditions, mobility limitations, and pain in other areas of the body. The overall function and biomechanics of your feet can be improved by using custom orthotics, all without invasive or surgical procedures. 


Custom foot insoles also help you regain balance and stability, helping you reclaim the quality of life you once enjoyed in a swift and gentle manner. The positive effects of custom orthotics aren't limited to just your feet, either. Find all-over pain relief and mobility freedom through custom orthotics.

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