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ADP Assessments For Walkers & Wheelchairs in Toronto

Global Health Physiotherapy Clinic is an official ADP authorizer for those who are in need of a personalized mobility aid such as a wheelchair or walker. Our practitioners are licensed to provide ADP assessments to diagnose your needs for an assistive device. We prescribe those needs to the Assistive Devices Program to facilitate coverage for a walker, wheelchair or another personalized mobility device.

ADP assessment for wheelchair or walker phsyiotherapy

What is the Assistive Devices Program (ADP)?

The Ontario government provides financial assistance for those who have a long-term physical disability. The program was created to help pay for the cost of personalized equipment or supplies associated with their disability. 

There are no financial requirements (such as being under a tier of income) to qualify for the program. It is based solely on the needs of the individual.

Who is eligible?

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding from the Assistive Devices Program:

  1. Be a resident of Ontario

  2. Have your Ontario Health Card

  3. Have a disability requiring a mobility aid for over 6 months

What is included in the program?

Those who are approved receive 75% of the cost of a mobility device. You can receive 100% of the cost covered if you’re receiving benefits from Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program or Assistance For Children With Severe Disabilities.

Types devices covered under the ADP program

  • Walkers

  • Wheelchairs

  • Power wheelchairs and scooters

  • Additional power add-on items for manual options (if power options are not recommended)

  • Walkers with wheels

  • Devices to help with positioning (power tilt, recline, cushions, head rests)

mobility assessments for wheelchairs and walkers

How to start your ADP assessment for a walker or wheelchair

Schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists to come to your home for a mobility assessment. The assessment will include physical tests as well as an interview about your personal needs and day-to-day activities.

Our ADP assessments for walkers in Toronto are part of our in-home physiotherapy program. Once we can diagnose the correct mobility device, we can begin the process of submitting the application to the government.

What happens after I’m approved?

Once your coverage has been approved, you will be entitled to have 75% of the cost covered on your mobility device. The program clearly stipulates that they will only cover 75% of the “ADP price” which means if a retailer overcharges you, you may not be covered for the full 75%.

You can find is a list of manufacturers and retailers here:

Is the cost of my physiotherapy visit covered?

If you have third-party insurance or receive benefits you may be eligible to have your ADP assessment covered. OHIP does not cover the cost directly so it’s important to check with your provider on the details of your coverage.

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