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WSIB Physiotherapy Clinics in Toronto

Global Health Physiotherapy Clinic is one of the best WSIB physiotherapy clinics Toronto offers for recovery and rehabilitation services for patients in every industry. Whether you’ve been injured from an unexpected work-related accident or an injury from repetitive motions, we can help you get back to full health. We work with the WSIB to cover physiotherapy treatment and offer a full WSIB Program of Care.

Let us deal with the frustrating paperwork. At Global Health, we’ve done hundreds of cases with the WSIB and are familiar with the system to get you. Let us give you the program you need with the least amount of stress possible.

WSIB physiotherapy near me

Does WSIB pay for physiotherapy?

Yes. As long as you meet the criteria for a legitimate WSIB claim, you can get the physiotherapy treatment you need to restore your health. We offer three programs of care at our clinic for WSIB injury physiotherapy in Toronto. The eligibility requirements for each program are slightly different so read the quick links to the WSIB website for the full details of your program.

Can I request a WSIB extension for physiotherapy?

Yes. Under normal circumstances, you only have 12 weeks of physiotherapy covered by the WSIB. You will need to formally request an extension on your physiotherapy treatment by submitting a WSIB extension request form for physiotherapy. This form needs to be sent with a WSIB physiotherapy assessment report with a recommendation from your physiotherapist to show your progress and improvement from treatment. We do this for all of our patients.

What are WSIB Programs of Care?

The WSIB has established three programs of care for common musculoskeletal injuries as well as specific programs for low back and shoulder injuries. If you’ve been injured on the job, you have a specific window of time to make a WSIB claim.

You will need a health care practitioner (such as us) to submit a completed form on your behalf in order to initiate a WSIB program of care. The following is a brief summary of the programs we offer that are also covered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. We take of everything starting with your WSIB assessment form. You can find the form here.

WSIB muskuloskeletal program of care

Musculoskeletal Program of Care (WSIB MSK POC)

The MSK POC is intended to treat injuries sustained to your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues. Symptoms include problems with mobility, flexibility, or functional use that are typically accompanied with pain. Most workers have sustained mild tissue damage from a strain or sprain.

Accidents or injuries that would require surgery are not covered under this program. For more details, click here to read the Quick Reference Guide.

Lower Back Injuries (WSIB Low Back POC)

The WSIB lower back Program of Care is an eight-week program. WSIB low back POC is very similar to our 5 Levels Program of Care physiotherapy treatment. We treat patients with manual therapies, educate them, and provide mobilization techniques and exercises. We essentially prepare you with a custom-designed program that transitions you back to work.

For more information please refer to the WSIB Low Back POC Quick Reference Guide.

WSIB lower back program of care

Shoulder injuries (WSIB Shoulder Program Of Care)

Any worker who sustains a work-related shoulder injury must be treated in the WSIB shoulder Program of Care. The anatomy of the shoulder is extremely complex. For cases in which the injury and treatment are more complex, the WSIB Shoulder Speciality Clinics provide specialized shoulder assessments.

For more details regarding the WSIB Shoulder Program of Care please refer to the PDF provided for a quick summary of details of the shoulder POC.

WSIB physiotherapy clinic shoulder Program of care

Get the WSIB physio treatment you deserve

We’re no strangers to WSIB physiotherapy and are happy to help in any way we can. For personalized assessments, custom treatment plans and examinations call us and book an appointment today. 

We only get the best results for our patients. Make sure you get the treatment you deserve in the timeframe you need it. Return to work stronger with more flexibility, mobility and endurance and live a better life.

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